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ACG Is Different


With many years of experience in commercial and consumer debt collections, ACG is known to provide a full array of services with flexibility to suit our client's needs. Sometimes client's have situations that require different methods to achieve maximum results. Upon consultation with our knowledgeable counselors, we can decipher what actions need to be taken for the recovery of your lost investment. ACG takes you through every step of the process. Whether it is an arbitration, a judgment or a claim, we encourage clients to be involved so that we might be able to understand your case thoroughly. Call us today to see if you have a claim that is possible for recovery. We Take the Legal, Financial, and Political Steps to Get Your Money Back!


Fraud Protection


Many of our clients have been victims of financial fraud caused by professional con artist. This could have been prevented if those clients had contacted us before investing. ACG uses the most innovative technology to fight against fraud. Our company has extensive experience from dealing with credit card fraud, and working with highly successful business individuals who have been defrauded by investing large amounts of money in different business ventures such as precious metals, oil and gas, brokerage houses, entertainment industries and more.