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We are very pleased with the results that we obtained after hiring ACG to recover the money we lost.........
Mark .....Kansas City


All of the staff from ACG are very knowledgeable courteous and efficient....
Jeff..... Cincinnati Ohio


I had my doubts in the beginning when I hired ACG to recover my investment with a dishonest company that took my retirement funds. Now I have received my check and now life is just a little easier. Thanks ACG.....


After losing my investment I was so devastated because it was part of my portfolio for my retirement. ACG helped me recover what I had lost and has also given me protection from other fraudulent ventures and cold calling brokers...
Jean.....New York.


ACG is different

With many years of experience in commercial and consumer debt collections, ACG is known to
provide a full array of services with flexibility to suit our client's needs. Sometimes client's have
situations that require different methods to achieve maximum results. Upon consultation
with our knowledgeable counselors, we can decipher what actions need to be taken for the
recovery of your lost investment. ACG takes you through every step of the process. Whether
it is an arbitration, a judgment or a claim, we encourage clients to be involved so that we
might be able to understand your case thoroughly. Call us today to see if you have a claim
that is possible for recovery.


Fraud Protection


Many of our clients have been victims of financial fraud caused by professional con artist. This
could have been prevented if those clients had contacted us before investing. ACG uses the
most innovative technology to fight against fraud.


Why Choose Us?

  • As a third party collector. research shows that we are more successful than in house agents
  • We have qualified and experience personnel who understand the rules and regulations of
    collections of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. (FDCPA)
  • Your reputation does not get affected as we serve to correspond with the debtor for you
  • A monthly report of all closed accounts is sent to you
  • We employ the latest technology to investigate fake and fraudulent companies, as
    well as their owners and companies they are affiliated with
  • By having ACG on your side, you have the security of knowing that you will never be
    taken advantage of ever again